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The Year of Babies

My best friend's unborn baby is diagnosed with HLHS and we need help raising funds for the expensive surgeries needed if this little boy will have a chance at life.

How to Manage and Clear Up Space in Dropbox

This simple guide should help you identify where your biggest space wasters are located on your computer. Using WinDirStat Portable we can clear up space in your Dropbox folder or any other folder.

Google's new Inbox - First Impressions

Google has been working on a new system that will revolutionize email. Their new app is simply called Inbox and it transforms your emails into to-do items.

Installing Sonic Ether's Shaders Mod for Minecraft (Tutorial)

It is possible to make Minecraft look amazing with Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders. Follow this tutorial to get stunning lighting effects and realistic shadows in Minecraft.

Android L: The Lockscreen in Depth

The new lockscreen mechanics in the developer preview build of Android L warrant a closer look. Actions are simplified into swiping into four directions.

Android L: My First Impressions

I've installed the new Android L on my Nexus 5, and after using it for a couple of days, I am ready to give my first impressions. My review on: Material Design, new Lockscreen, new Notifications.

Playing with Intangibles

Design techniques casinos use to keep the party going To the uninitiated, designing a casino gaming floor requires nothing more than a big room with a high enough ceiling to accommodate the lights. Maybe a colonnade or five could be thrown in, complemente[...]

Saikham Motocross Event

Saikham Cyclecross and Motocross event for charity is happening this Saturday, 18 January 2014. It's open for anyone is participate! There are tons of different races you can join depending on experience, age groups, and motorbike types and performance. I[...]

Hitting the Right Notes

Music is hard to get right, but when it is done right, however, you can feel it in more than just your ear holes. Let's compare two songs, Down with the Sickness and Master Passion Greed.

Body Piercings

How many holes can an earlobe sustain? What happens when the now 85 year old lobes are long and dangly? Also, the ear-ring-to-nose-ring chain thing has me puzzled. What ever happened to the normal, biological orifices with which we are all born?

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