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Playing with Intangibles

Design techniques casinos use to keep the party going To the uninitiated, designing a casino gaming floor requires nothing more than a big room with a high enough ceiling to accommodate the lights. Maybe a colonnade or five could be thrown in, complemente[...]

Saikham Motocross Event

Saikham Cyclecross and Motocross event for charity is happening this Saturday, 18 January 2014. It's open for anyone is participate! There are tons of different races you can join depending on experience, age groups, and motorbike types and performance. I[...]

Hitting the Right Notes

Music is hard to get right, but when it is done right, however, you can feel it in more than just your ear holes. Let's compare two songs, Down with the Sickness and Master Passion Greed.

Body Piercings

How many holes can an earlobe sustain? What happens when the now 85 year old lobes are long and dangly? Also, the ear-ring-to-nose-ring chain thing has me puzzled. What ever happened to the normal, biological orifices with which we are all born?

4 Way Stops

My town is a 4-way stop haven, the place where all abused, misused and rejected ones are sent. Four cars arrive at the same time at the intersection. No one can decide who should go first.

QR Code Performance Tracking

A simple guide for creating QR codes that you can track through Google Analytics and measure the performance of your marketing campaigns.

How to Install Minecraft Mods

Minecraft is a wonderful open world sandbox game with a ton of freedom to do whatever you want. On top of all that, the game can be modified, or modded, to add to, remove from, or change the way the game looks or behaves.


Here is a list of simple things you can do in your day-to-day life that will tick people off. Find some gems such as investigate how slow you can make a croaking noise.

What if we were the ants?

If it rains or if you turn on the sprinkler system in your yard, I don't think ants would know the difference. If ants were crawling over a natural rock formation or over your driveway, I don't think ants would know the difference. If there was a medium strengths tornado or you mowing the lawn with a gas powered lawn mower, I don't think ants would know the difference.

Mobile Ramblings

We are in an age now where we all walk around with smartphones that are capable of limitless possibilities. The phone in your pocket now likely has more computing power than the lunar landers used in the Apollo program. Apps and updated operating systems [...]

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28 Aug, 2013: fiona758
commented on Body Piercings
"Some do the piercing just to look cool and fashionable. buy real instagram followers"
27 Aug, 2013: Ralph van den Berg
commented on Body Piercings
"At one point I decided to pierce my elbow. Then you realize how much you actually bump it against stuff..."
8 Jul, 2013: yahya
commented on 4 Way Stops
"thanks i stop smoking for 4 month for now i using chamnex belt its help me to quit %u0627%u0644%u0639%u0627%u0628 %u0641%u0644%u0627%u0634 We still canno[...]"
11 Jun, 2013: mojojojo211
20 Nov, 2012: Ralph van den Berg
"I love number 17"

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